Why Choose Lifeline?

Lifeline Technology Solutions is a New Jersey based Managed Service Provider, specializing in providing personalized IT services to SMBs without access to an in-house IT staff. Over the past two decades, we have been developing long-term relationships with public and private sector clients, as well as non-profit organizations throughout New Jersey. Our goal is always the same – to create an IT environment that is robust and secure, while also keeping it as simple as possible.

As you begin to work with us, you will see that we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate often complex subjects in a manner that can be understood by the technical and non-technical alike. We take the same pride in designing and implementing an IT infrastructure for your company that actually makes your life easier rather than more complicated. It does not stop there though – we will continue to monitor and maintain your Network, making modifications and upgrade suggestions along the way, as the IT environment evolves. We look forward to discussing how we can help minimize IT headaches in your organization.

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