Hardware/Software Upgrades

As our dependence on technology grows, the need for updating and/or upgrading our hardware and software components also grows. Every day there are security flaws exposed that can lead to data loss, identity loss, ransomware attacks and more. Inevitably there are patches released soon after the exposed flaws are discovered that can protect you against them, so it is very important that you keep all your devices up to date with Lifeline’s Cranford software upgrades and hardware repair services. And with the complexity of today’s IT systems, there are more things to keep updated than ever before. From mobile devices, to hardware repair, to computers, to Network equipment, to software upgrades – having a sound update policy in place for all of them is critical. There are also many reasons to control the flow of updates to specific pieces of hardware, such as firewalls and wireless access points. It makes sense to leave the timing of updating some of the more complex equipment to trained IT personnel. The days of plugging in a piece of equipment and just letting it run for years without maintenance are gone. There are also many reasons to upgrade hardware in certain devices. Such as – adding more memory to a PC or laptop can add years to its life and upgrading your SATA hard drive to a solid-state hard drive (SSD) will very noticeably increase the speed of the computer – especially during bootup and shutdown. If you would like to talk more about your strategy for keeping all your devices safe, please reach out to us for more information about our Cranford software upgrades and hardware repair services.

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